Selling your car for scrap: procedure and alternative

Selling your car for scrap

Selling your car to a scrap dealer: the procedures

Selling your car to a junkyard is a simple alternative to getting rid of an old or non-driving vehicle. This professional offers you to buy the spare parts of your car. The rest is then destroyed and you receive a price per kilo.

How much is my car worth?

Evaluate your car now for free. Sell ​​quickly and easily at the best price!

New environmental laws are deterring most scrap dealers from picking up your end-of-life vehicle (ELV). A mandatory depollution process must be performed on most parts before metal is extracted. Many products and waste, solid and liquid, are present in all of your car.

There is an advantage to selling your car to a scrap dealer if your ELV is non-driving.

➜ Unlike the majority of scraps, the scrap dealer removes your car at his own expense. Your car is evacuated free of charge.

Administrative procedures

Selling your car to a scrap dealer is not very advantageous today because it is a not very lucrative practice which requires administrative procedures.

To sell your car to a scrap dealer, you need to provide several documents to the wrecker:

Certificate of non pledge

Registration certificate with the mention “sold on … for destruction”

 Receive the conversion bonus

The conversion bonus, also known as the scrapping bonus, encourages motorists to scrap their polluting vehicles against the purchase of a new electric or hybrid vehicle.

An advantageous auto trade-in

It is prohibited to sell an ELV to an individual. Rather than selling your car to a scrap dealer, it ‘s We take back your car as it is and carry out the necessary administrative procedures. No need to sell your car to a wrecker, your car still has value!

Thanks to our network of partner dealers throughout Europe, we will buy your car back at the right price. Discover the 3 key steps of our buyback process:

Evaluation thanks to our online quotation tool: complete your vehicle information in a few clicks.

Our experts calculate your final selling price, which you receive directly by e-mail.

Make a car recovery appointment at the agency of your choice. An expert will confirm the information you have entered on site in order to conclude the sale within 24 hours!

Selling your car to a junkyard has little benefit and does not allow you to profit from your ELV. Prefer to sell your vehicle to a professional for a recovery in the state, without paperwork or headache!

Frequently Asked Questions

A: The recovery price is calculated per kilo, depending on the mass of recoverable iron. It is often an unprofitable solution to sell your vehicle to a scrap dealer.

Q: How much does a car battery sell for?

A: On average, the price of a battery is considered to be €0.50 per kilo. The weight of a car battery is between 10 and 30 kilos, while it takes almost 300 kilos for an electric battery.

Q: What are the steps for scrapping a car?

You must go to the scrapyard with your gray card, with the mention: “sold on … for destruction” with your signature, a certificate of non-pledge dated less than 15 days and the administrative form Cerfa n ° 15776 * 02 , with the coordinates of the VHU center of your choice.

On site, the demolisher will give you a receipt. He must also send a copy to the prefecture of the department. This is how the prefecture cancels the registration of your vehicle.

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