What you need to know before selling your car to a scrap dealer

selling your car to a scrap dealer

Selling your car is an important decision for different reasons: moving, change of project, urgent need for money or simply the constant deterioration of the condition of the vehicle. Whether you have a dead or working car, the junkyard could be a potential buyer.

When to contact a scrap dealer?

A scrap dealer, by definition, designates a collector and merchant of ferrous metal waste. He buys scrap steel and then resells it or makes original objects. You should therefore know that a scrap dealer will not be interested in the mechanical and electronic equipment of your car. It focuses on metals: non-salvageable engines, steel tubes, doors, etc. To avoid losing money in your sale, only ask a scrap dealer to sell an end-of-life car. Instead of spending your savings on scrapping the car, you will have the opportunity to earn some money by striking a deal with a junkyard.

End of life vehicle sale

A vehicle loses its values ​​over time. With a high degree of wear, the necessary work may cost you a fortune. Which could help you buy a new vehicle or a used car in good condition.

What is an ELV?

An end-of-life vehicle, known by the acronym VHU, is generally an old car or a damaged car. Before making a decision, make sure that the car is no longer repairable or incurs a flagrant expense.

What is the price of an ELV?

As a general rule, the price per ton of scrap metal is around €100. If the metals of your vehicle weigh 3 tons on average, you will benefit from 300 €. However, you must ask for the base rate from the scrap dealer. Take advantage of the internet to assess the value of your wreck for free.

How to sell an ELV?

Unless you have a plan to salvage your old car, it is best to offer it to a professional.

Contact a neighborhood junkyard

It is prohibited to sell an out-of-service vehicle to a private individual. Before calling on a scrap metal dealer you know, you can undertake the following options:

Collect some parts of the car

You can take coins that you will definitely need. These include chairs. Obviously, it is possible to recover the audio/video equipment and the various lights. Some owners remove the windows and then resell them to a mechanic.

Start the depollution process

Hazardous waste is present in an end-of-life vehicle. It is in your interest to remove liquids that are harmful to the environment, to mention only oils and the various liquids: air conditioning, cooling, brakes, etc. Don’t forget to remove the battery.

Negotiate the selling price according to the weight of the vehicle. The bigger the size of your car, the bigger the sum to be won. With a small, lightweight car, you won’t get much.

Sell ​​the wreckage to an online junkyard

While the junkyard in your town offers too low a price, accepting his offer is not the right solution at all. Entrust your project to a regulated scrap dealer, offering a reasonable price, in the interest of both parties. Take advantage of the internet to discover the brands that can help you.

Browse car sales websites. You must first carry out a free evaluation of your vehicle. It is necessary to proceed to the inscription of the details concerning the car. For example, you will have to mention its make and model, its year of manufacture, its empty weight and other information on the vehicle registration document. Experts study the data you provide, in order to calculate the best price. Knowing that the recoverable iron is calculated per kilo. You will receive by email the price estimate by the brand. At the same time, you will get an appointment for a verbal negotiation. Once the final sale price has been set, you can move on to regularizing the administrative procedures.

Prepare the following documents to formalize the exchange: certificate of non-pledge or opposition to the sale, transfer certificate n°15776*01 and the gray card with the mention “sold on (date) for destruction”. It is possible to find the list of documents on declaration-cession.fr . It is good to know that you can resell the battery for €0.50 per kilo.

Sale of vehicle in motion

If your car is still in working order, the junkyard would certainly not be your best buyer. It is in your interest to find an individual who could offer you an interesting offer. To meet your buyer, post classified ads online. You can also take advantage of your accounts on social networks to post the details of your offer but also some photos.

Set a reasonable price

The price of the vehicle generally depends on its condition: paint, mechanics, electronics, interior, etc. By offering your car to an online shopping site, you will be free to estimate its value. Insert the data required to obtain a satisfactory return.

Take the necessary steps

A car over 6 years old must undergo a technical inspection at an approved centre. You must present a report of this inspection to justify the condition of the vehicle to the buyer. The registration certificate should be in your name, then provide proof of non-pledge. You must inform your insurer about the transfer of your vehicle.

What about the scrapping bonus?

Within the framework of the protection of the environment, many advantageous initiatives are at the rendezvous. If you have an end-of-life vehicle, you can drop it off. In return, you will benefit from a conversion bonus to help you purchase an electric or hybrid vehicle.

With regard to the administrative procedure, you will have to complete the administrative form Cerfa n°15776*02. On the gray card, you must write the words “sold on (date) for destruction”, then sign the document. Without forgetting the proof of non-pledge which is less than 15 days old. You will get a receipt to allow you to receive your premium.

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