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Long intended exclusively for classical dancers, ballerinas have undergone a clever conversion by becoming one of the most popular shoes for women. Their format allows an easy approach but also and above all easily adapts to trends. Depending on the mood of the moment, the ballerinas adopt different shades, textures and artifices…

The sneakers

Having become totally unavoidable, sneakers seduce both teenagers and sixty-somethings. It must be said that there is nothing like a pair of Gazelles or Stan Smiths to give a twist to the slim look/denim shirt/khaki military jacket or the masculine wide-leg pants/v-neck cashmere sweater mix. And if white sneakers are currently a must, don’t hesitate to opt for navy blue, gray or even pale pink sneakers. In terms of sneakers , everything is indeed (almost) allowed.

The Birkenstocks

For the summer and the holidays, nothing better than a sandal in which you feel good. Ergonomic and trendy, Birkenstock shoes have made a place for themselves in dressing rooms all over the world, from Paris to New York, via Germany where they were born. Sandals but also flip-flops, thumb loops, mules, clogs, ballet flats… The Birks are multiple, just like your desires.


A time considered only as utilitarian, boots have become in a few decades a real fashion accessory that women can no longer do without. From rain boots to Camargue boots, via cowboy boots, waders and other riding-style boots, boots are undoubtedly part of the essentials of fashionistas’ wardrobes.


There’s nothing like a pair of ankle boots to dress up rolled jeans on the ankle, a midi skirt or even a 7/8 dress. With laces or without laces, thin or massive, black or brown, ankle boots are as much the ally of feminine looks as they are of more androgynous outfits. More feminine than a pair of boots and less casual than a pair of sneakers, ankle boots go with everything…

High socks

They keep you warm in winter and create trendy looks all year round: knee-high socks are as much an essential item of clothing as they are a fashion accessory. They are found in all materials, in all colors, with “fancy” patterns or in neutral colors such as black. Thus, we associate them as much with a skirt and pumps as with pants and boots. High socks for women stop just below the knee and therefore fit perfectly on the calf. A great way to keep your feet and legs warm all winter long.

Oxford shoe

Brogue shoes are one of two types of men’s dress shoes, the second being the Derby. These two originally male models tend to find their place in more and more girls’ shoes! An obvious way to vary outfits and have fun all year round! More info and explanation on the Oxford shoe in the page dedicated to it.

The flat shoes

Flat shoes come in many models and allow everyone to find the ones that suit their style. Materials, colors, with laces or slip-on, it is possible to find something for all tastes and desires. Lined in winter and open in summer, they comfortably accommodate a foot and allow you to walk the streets without having to worry about high heels!

The waders

Thigh high boots have for several years passed from the dark side of the force – illustrated by the look of Julia Roberts in the film “Pretty Woman” – to the more unifying fashion boots. Thigh-high boots indeed inspire designers who, each season, deliver different versions, which fashionistas are eager to acquire. It must be said that designer waders are often the most sublime…


Originally intended exclusively for men, derbies have now become shoes highly prized by men who appreciate their boyish dimension. It must be said that the masculine DNA of this type of shoe has the chic to bring a chic touch to casual looks. A pair of black derbies will therefore be perfect with the slim faded blue outfit rolled up on the ankle/black angora jumper/black pea coat…

The Doc Martens

Favorite ankle boots for 80s rock bands, Doc Martens have now become iconic and timeless ankle boots worn by both girls and boys. Boots whose original black color regularly gives way to much more daring colors, unusual textures or even original patterns, and which are regularly acclaimed by the fashion crowd. And if the Doc Martens are available in various models ranging from the low Doc Martens to the laced boot, it is undeniably the 8-hole boot that has the most fashion appeal.


The pumps are almost magical shoes allowing those who slip into them to gain not only in centimeters, but also in pace. Black pumps with a deep neckline and the perfect arch will allow any jeans or wrap dress to emerge from anonymity, while satin, gold or glittering pumps can add a twist to any dress that’s a little too much. wise or classic.


Summery, light and ecological, the espadrille is the shoe that dresses your feet in the summer. Resulting from an ancestral traditional know-how, it comes in different colors, patterns and materials, enough to embellish all wardrobes. Whether compensated, plain or striped, the espadrille will take you from the beach to the café terraces in all lightness.


American Indians wore them for riding, hunting and moving around discreetly. Since then, moccasins have changed a lot, even if some brands still play on traditional codes to deliver leather shoes adorned with pearls and fringes. While men have long reserved the wearing of leather moccasins, women have for several years adopted this low and flat shoe, easy to associate with everyday outfits. Resolutely trendy thanks to revisits that modernize the leather shoe, the moccasin is now worn through a multitude of looks, always with style, relaxation and elegance.

The sandals

Ancestral and still extremely fashionable, sandals make every summer the delight of those who like to air their toes. Ultra delicate for some, more robust for others, sandals are real chameleons. They adopt many styles according to trends and designers. Heeled sandals are thus often transformed into real fancy objects, just as flat sandals like to go against their sober nature by sporting metallic colors and folk frills.

The cowboy boots

Made popular by western stars like John Wayne, cowboy boots have been on runways and dressing rooms for several years. This cowboy boot is indeed available in multiple versions. Traditional country cowboy boots go up below the knee, have no laces, have a heel and a pointed toe. It is now available with a round or square toe, different heel heights, leathers of all colors, embroidery and trendy stitching… High or low version, country boots know how to delight the spirits and sometimes give a cowboy look , sometimes a rock look, sometimes a very feminine look.


As for the sandals that we never tire of, we find the mythical Spartan sandals . These open shoes, with a flat heel and leather straps are available in a multitude of models adapted to all styles. With straps of all colors or metallic straps, sequined ribbons and leather laces that go up to the knee for a high version, heels of all heights and all materials, Spartans are the best allies women who want to have style all summer long.

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