Revature Reviews Discuss its Accomplishment of Winning 2022 Pega Training Partner of the Year Award

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Revature is a prominent company that helps in equipping tech talent with industry leading skills, and accelerates both individual careers and enterprise success. They are among the largest employers of entry level tech talent in the United States. Recently, this company was awarded the 2022 Pega Award for Training Partner of the Year. Revature reviews marks how this award indicates the dedication and efficiency of the company. The global award recognizes the excellence of Revature, particularly in regards to transforming knowledge-building into revenue streams by developing and delivering a Pega certified talent pipeline across clients and partners.

Revature reviews shed light on the partnership of the company with Pega

Pega is a powerful and popular powerful low-code platform. It builds agility into many of the leading organizations of the world so that they can effectively adapt to change. Enterprise clients use our AI-powered decisioning and workflow automation solutions by Pega to solve varying business challenges. These challenges can range from streamlining operations and automating service to personalizing engagement. Pega tools allow their client enterprises to unify experiences, adapt instantly, and work smarter.

Revature is a Pega Workforce Development Partner (WDP) and Authorized Training Partner (ATP). This company leverages its hire, train and deploy the model to rapidly deliver job-ready tech talent to Pega clients and partners. Such a process invariably helps the client enterprises to hire and scale Pega talent as per their distinctive requirements, and ultimately boost ROI from the low-code Pega Platform TM and meet digital transformation objectives. As per Revature reviews, this company also provides internal corporate Pega training to re skill and up skill the existing workforce of an enterprise.

The Revature team was highly excited to win the 2022 Pega Training Partner of the Year Award. They were the very first partner to be recognized by Pega for workforce development and training efforts. The award underlined the importance of the joint efforts of Pega and Revature. Both of these companies are working towards closing the technology skills gap by creating pathway for a dynamic pool of trained and qualified candidates who can reach their full potential as technology professionals. Revature is committed to consistently continue its efforts to grow the Pega ecosystem with trained talent who support digital transformation initiatives for Pega clients and partners.

According to Carola Cazenave, vice president, global partner ecosystem, Pega, their Workforce Development and Authorized Training Partners are a valuable part of the company’s ecosystem. After all, these partners, including Revature, help in educating and training Pega professionals who help power the digital initiatives of Pega’s clients. Revature essentially is the talent development partner of choice for organizations of multiple types, including Fortune 500 firms, leading systems integrators, and government organizations. Over the years, Revature has trained over 10,000 software engineers in 55 technical disciplines. They have managed to deploy numerous candidates to blue chip companies throughout the United States. It is the mission of Revature to develop a robust pathway for qualified candidates from multiple educational background and experience, so that they can succeed in the field of tech.

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