How To Deal With Dumper or Garbage Truck Accidents?

Manhattan, KS Truck Accident Attorney

Weather conditions can have an impact on driving and the safety of both the passenger and the driver. This is true for truck drivers in Manhattan who have to drive long hours and distances to transport goods. The mixture of unpredictable weather and heavy loads can prove deadly in extreme conditions. Weather can change anytime, and it is always better to be safe and be prepared for any type of emergency. 

Maintaining the rules and regulations on the road may prove to be beneficial in these cases, and this can save many lives. However, it has been proven that intense weather conditions can lead to much higher rates of road accidents. If you are also involved in such a road accident, consulting the Manhattan, KS Truck Accident Attorney can be helpful for legal assistance. 

What are the weather conditions that could lead to accidents?

Here are some weather-related conditions that could lead to accidents: 

  • Heavy rain and flooding during the rainy or summer months of the year lead to poor visibility and slippery roads. Applying brakes to stop the truck can take a longer time to stop during those conditions. 
  • Severe Thunderstorms often come with high winds and low visibility, leading to more chances of collisions with other vehicles that are not visible due to blind spots and bad weather conditions.
  • Hurricanes and cyclones are devastating but are less common. Due to hurricanes, the roads are blocked, and also visibility becomes poor; dust with solid wind, landslides, and flooding become common. 
  • Weather conditions like these become more dangerous if the truck drivers do not react on time or do not take precautions with measures. 

What are the precautions that truck drivers should take while driving?

Whenever it rains, drivers should take these measures:   

  • Checking the weather forecast and staying updated
  • Use of hazard lights and headlights
  • Maintenance of the vehicle for emergency 
  • Pullover or park your truck if the condition becomes more unsafe
  • Reduce the speed 
  • Firmly holding the steering wheel
  • No distractions, only concentration on driving
  • Increase following distances and slow down

Reasons for increasing truck accidents

  • Not fully trained driver for such conditions.
  • Not holding a proper license for driving and handling such huge trucks
  • Limited hours of service and adequate rest should be given, and no rush during bad conditions
  • Vehicle maintenance and proper checking of the functioning of lorries. 

What should you do if you are involved in such an accident?

The first thing that one should do is get legal help from the court and hire an experienced lawyer. Reach out for more pieces of evidence, and if you are injured, then asking for consideration from insurance companies must be done. 

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