How to Choose the Right Basket-Shooting Machine to Become an Elite Point Guard

Basketball Shooting Machines

Being an elite point guard is not easy. The point guard makes decisions for the team, brings the ball up to the court, and also determines where the ball will go. The prime requirements for being an elite point guard are –

Skill set

In terms of skill set, an elite point guard would be great at dribbling, passing, shooting, and defending. Lacking any of those areas in modern-day basketball would be risky. When you are planning to play at a high level, you cannot compromise any of the playing positions.

An elite point guard will be able to protect the ball with perfect ball handling. He should also be able to pass and distribute the ball effectively to his teammates. The elite point guard should also be able to defend for his team.

Basketball IQ

An elite point guard must have a proper basketball IQ. The understanding of the game is important. You must be able to understand every layer of offense from each position. Part of the job of a point guard or PG is to set up the teammates in perfect positions to score. A PG should be able to set a perfect defensive game plan for his team. Mastering the team’s playbook would be more effective in this regard.


Leadership is the best and most important trait of a PG. The point guard is more like a quarterback to the team. They must keep their teammates confident. For that reason, the point guard should excel in all sections of the game.

Choosing the right basketball shooting machine to be an elite point guard

To become an elite point guard, you need to practice continuously to enhance your skills. The convenience of practicing at home has never been more appealing. Basketball training with a portable basketball shooting machine would be very effective for honing the skills.

A basketball shooting machine can help perfect shots, receiving the passes, as well as faster rebounds. Persistent practicing before the game would be ideal for an aspiring professional to achieve success. Also, when you are trying to play the role of a point guard, you need to have the best skills that surpass others.

What kind of shooting machine will be ideal?

When you opt for practicing with an advanced rebounding machine at home or professional basketball court, you must try to find a better option than a Dr. Dish basketball shooting machine. The Dr. Dish machines may be good for amateurs, but as an aspiring professional, you need to find a smarter machine.

A smart basketball shooter machine that can adjust the rebound time, and accordingly measure the shot accuracy from different positions or angles, can be the best fit for practicing for being a point guard.

Why you should not go for traditional basketball shooting machines?

When you try to practice with a traditional basketball shooting machine like that of a Dr Dish machine, you may find some benefits and some problems.


  • Established technology with a proven track record
  • Reliable shooting practice with consistent results


  • Bulky and challenging to transport
  • Limited shooting spots and angles

These technical differences cause a great difference in the process of becoming an elite point guard. Comparing a Dr. Dish shooting machine price to the price of The Gun shooting machine would show the difference between a traditional and a modern device. When you have to pay a lot with an unsatisfactory return, why go for that choice? The Gun machine is much faster, more active, more affordable, and smarter than the market competitors. This machine can support the cause of practice for an elite point guard.

Why use an advanced machine?

Using The Gun machine will be ideal for becoming a credible shooter in basketball. It offers game-like reps for practicing. It is also ideal to adjust the speed of basketball shooting, with a faster rebounding time. The shooting machine offers the ‘swish satisfaction’ to the practicing kids. It allows a more game-like shooting experience with added motivation, which helps the kids or aspirants try much harder with the same passion each time to hone their skills to excel in the game.

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