Glamorise Your Living Room with ASunmica Door Design

ASunmica Door Design

Are you planning to do remodelling or renovate your home? If yes, then you already know how big an investment it is. At the same time, the task of remodelling involves lots of complexities, from choosing the decor style to choosing the material, and pulling off the whole renovation project is a big deal. Apart from choosing the materials for the furniture and deciding on the colour schemes of your home, you also should focus on the doors. Even though they are not the top priority while renovating, still, they hold the crucial element of impression.

The living room is considered to be the breathing and introductory space of the house, from being the part of just sitting and talking or the most important impromptu client meetings. The doorways, doors, and the living room are the factors defining the whole impression of your house. Your visitor will first interact with your door! Thus, keep in mind to design your house doors, especially in the living room.

There was a time when the whole furniture, from beds to sofas, to doors, to windows, was made of solid wood. There are no second thoughts when it comes to the classic statement made by wooden furniture, but as technology has progressed, we have new composite materials available such as sunmica that have become the best pick for door designs.

What is Sunmica? 

Sunmica is the latest composite material available for interior decors, especially for doors. Sunmica or high-pressure Laminates are highly durable at the same time and are considered to be the best pick of designers. High-pressure Laminates are made by comprising thin craft papers, decorative paper, and resin altogether. Sunmica sheets are durable, sustainable, strong, and resilient and give the perfect finish to your doors.

Sunmica sheets are highly resistant to scuff, abrasion, and scratches. Sunmica sheets are antimicrobial in nature. At the same time, you wouldn’t need to get tense about maintenance. It is the perfect composite material with a sustainable nature. High Pressure Laminates are highly elegant and also have immense strength to deal with moisture and harsh weather conditions.

We all know the very first benefit of composite materials, such as plywood, sunmica, etc., is the wide range of finishes and grades. Sunmica sheets are available in different variants, and you can choose the variant according to your needs. Let’s look at the variants of Sunmica sheets available. If you are looking for sunmica sheets or High-Pressure Laminate sheets, then CenturyPly is the winning bet for  waterproof doors.

Silk Tuff Laminates

Anti-fingerprint Laminates

Star line Laminates

Silk Tuff Laminates

If you are fond of that gorgeous silk matt finish, then silk tuff Laminates are the perfect fit for you. Silk Tuff Laminate comes with a solid surface and European Matt Finish. Silk Tuff Laminates give your home a clean vibe. These Laminates sheets are antibacterial in nature and give you the most hygienic and clean look. Thus, if you are looking for sheets with a matt finish, then Silk Tuff Laminate is the winning bet.

Anti-fingerprint Laminate

Are you the one cleanliness freak who is very allergic to dozens of fingerprints appearing on the surface? Then Anti-fingerprint Laminate is the pick for you. Anti-fingerprint Laminate is technologically advanced and ensures that no fingerprints are visible on surfaces. Anti-fingerprint Laminate is created under high pressure and temperature that makes them resistant to fingertips. Anti-fingerprint Laminate can be used in hygienic areas like kitchens, toilets, hospitals, office desks, etc.

Start line Laminate

Star Line Laminate is the specialised in-house version of CenturyPly. These star line sunmica are 0.8 mm, and it comes with a highly resistant nature towards abrasion and has the highest colour fastness. Star line can be used for cabinets, drawers, desks, and can be used to  laminate doors.

Sunmica is the best material for the door design. Sunmica sheets are durable, sustainable, strong, resistant to abrasion, and come with less maintenance.

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