Exploring Social Media Star Ranveer Allahabadi, aka BeerBiceps’ Sea View Apartment

Ranveer’s Apartment

Ranveer Allahabadi, Founder of BeerBiceps, is a social media star of this decade. He has a channel where he talks about finance, fashion, fitness and many other optics. He will also give you some amazing life hacks that will actually work in easing different attributes of your life.

Ranveer is a motivational speaker, a blogger and also an entrepreneur. He is a popular YouTuber with 5.14 million subscribers. Following that, his Instagram reels go viral all the time and have 2.3 million followers on the platform. He gets a mixed reputation from the young audience, but his success reflects his hard work and determination.

One evident example of his success is the new sea-view apartment he bought last year. He gave a tour of this dream house to everyone in theBeerBiceps community through his YouTube channel. So, let’s be part of Ranveer’s success and take a closer look at one of the best sea-facing villas in Mumbai, owned by him.

The Glimpse at the Mesmerising Interior Decor of Ranveer’s Apartment

Entering the house, you will see a very charming and calming colour palette of the living space. There are bamboo lights, and macrame works all across the property. To add to the glam, there are lovely statues as well. The living room wall has perfect ocean-themed paintwork, adding a calming touch.

Right in front of this wall with the oceanic appeal is cabinet furniture, with plants as integral decor pieces. The entire living room has a lot of blues, which indicates that Ranveer is pretty much fascinated with oceans and water, for which the theme is set accordingly. Even the couches are blue, and the walls above them have several mirror panels, adding aesthetics to the space.

Across the space, you will also see many of Lord Buddha’s small and big idols to promote calmness around the space. The living room is connected to an open balcony space. In the video tour, Ranveer talks about waking up to the view of the city alongside the sea. Well, this sea view is the main USP of this apartment, and that’s what the money is all about.

Several rooms around the apartment have big floor-to-ceiling windows, or small walk-in balcony spaces, to enjoy a glimpse of the sea. Thus, it is a worthy achievement for Ranveer, and he believes it is just the start.

The Lighting Around the House

The entire light around the house makes the place look warm. There are some string rope lights around the balcony deck to create a party ambience. You will see warm focus lights across the house, with some specific pendant lighting fixtures for aesthetics. Most of those pendant lights are made up of bamboo. The idea behind implementing such lights is to soothe the minds of the entire team of BeerBiceps and lead them to bring in more creativity.

Adding More Theme Colours to the Property

The house has yellow, purple, orange and blue colours in abundance. In the video, Ranveer says he added yellow to the dedicated spaces for channelling positivity, blue is for calmness, orange is for creativity, and purple is for magic. By blending all these colours, he intends to get that work-centric and creative vibe around the property.


There’s definitely a massive craze for sea-facing villas in Mumbai, and Ranveer is now owning one.

This was just a small walkthrough of Ranveer’s sea-view apartment. Some of the most reputed and experienced architects were part of the amazing interiors. He believes that at one point in time, scaling YouTube or social media content through equipment will be limited. And that is when a good ambience plays a major role. Thus, his sole focus on buying this apartment is to continue delivering amazing content to the entire community.

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